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Ebooks about Sex, Tantra, Kama Sutra and Relationships

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Tantra & Kama Sutra Sexual Positions

தமிழிலும் கிடைக்கும்

Kama Sutra

Expand your lovemaking repertoire and increase your pleasure with this photo manual of Tantra and Kama Sutra sex positions. In this modern interpretation of classic love postures each of the color photos appears in large format on a single page. They capture the emotional and energetic connection of sacred lovemaking as well as illustrating sexual positions and techniques.

Each photo is accompanied by comments on how and why the position is used. We also include useful information about sacred sex practices.

The lovers in these sensual photos are experiencing and expressing the beauty and pleasure of artful lovemaking. Most of the positions illustrated are suitable for lovers of all ages, and with some selectivity, in various stages of physical fitness and health. In other words, you don’t have to be an athlete, young, or perfectly fit to use this manual. The message of this eBook is that you too can have what the photos show.


Internet interactive edition with: 131 pages; 100 large format erotic photographs and illustrations; 183 internal document links; 120 external product and information links.

Available as a downloadable file for $9.95

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Kama Sutra Super Sex

Super Sex

Sometime during the fourth century C.E. a Hindu scholar named Vatsyayana gathered and edited the works of many ancient sages and produced what has become the world’s best known manual of love: the Kama Sutra.


This explicitly illustrated ebook gives you in clear detail Kama Sutra love techniques from embraces and kisses, through bites, scratches, and slaps, to oral sex, intercourse positions, and thrusting techniques. Love large!


Available as a downloadable file for only $9.95

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Kama Sutra Sex Positions with Liberator Shapes® Bedroom Adventure Gear

Sex positions

Bringing together the best from both the ancient and modern worlds. We’ve chosen the most enticing sexual positions from the world’s premier love guides: Kama Sutra, Ananga Ranga, and Perfumed Garden and pared them up with today’s best sex aids: Liberator Shapes® Bedroom Adventure Gear.


Gorgeous full-color photos help you learn delights of lovemaking you’ve never even imagined, like:

  • the 26° pelvic tilt for intensifying orgasms
  • Kokila – Congress of the Crow
  • The Fighting of the Tongues
  • Contrary Position (Viparita-bandha)
  • Fixing a Nail (Shulachita)

These age-old lovers’ secrets, and many more, can be yours right now. Learn key positions for sharing energy, increasing emotional connection, maintaining erection, and prolonging orgasm. Spice up your lovelife! Surprise and delight your lover with your sexual confidence and skills.


Internet interactive edition with over 100 Color Photos, internal and external links.


Available as a downloadable file for $9.95

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Tantra Sex Step By Step

Tantra Sex

Interested in exactly how Tantric sex can improve your relationship? Find out with our easy to follow 28 day program. In just 20 minutes a day you can transform your love life from simple to sizzling and your relationship from bland to beautiful!


Try these techniques — you’ll never look back. Plus, we’ve included lots more playful practices that will keep you loving and learning long after you’ve completed the initial program.


Available as a downloadable file for only $9.95

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Also available in print form as 28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples


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Voluntary Ejaculation and Male Multiple Orgasms

Control Ejaculation

Most ordinary men believe that ejaculation is the best part of sex. But there is something better, orgasms without any ejaculation at all. It is possible to have many orgasms in a single session of lovemaking, none of which includes an ejaculation. Furthermore, if you end lovemaking while you still have desire, in other words without ejaculating, you will super-boost your immune system and increase your physical energy, mental creativity, emotional resilience and spiritual quickening.


Orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing. Using simple techniques that we explain here, any ordinary man can experience orgasms without ejaculating. Any male who learns how to do this will achieve alpha male status, radiating masculine charisma that is irresistible to women. You do not already have to be a super-stud to learn how.


Internet interactive edition with: 108 pages; 21 black & white erotic photos and 14 illustrations; 125 internal links and 190 external links; bonus articles on: aphrodisiacs, making first sex fabulous, how to be here now in bed, and more!


Available as a downloadable file for $9.95


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Also available in Paperback.


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Awakening Women’s Orgasm


Women have a capacity for orgasm that is truly awesome. It is a power of pleasure that ranges from sweet to sublime to superlative and it is one that almost every woman can unleash. You simply need to learn a few new things and unlearn a few old ones.

In this eBook you will learn about the many different types of orgasm a woman’s body is waiting to give her. You will understand that sex is more than physical, it is also an emotional and energetic experience.

Exercises for mind, heart and body help women open up to their sexual selves, on their own and with their partners. For example…

  • Identify and Shift Your Sex-limiting Messages
  • Getting to Know your Body and How it Responds
  • Pelvic Lifts and Bounces: for flexibility and increased sensation
  • The Big Draw: for powerful orgasms

There are explicit tips for lovers on how to make love to a woman. For example…

  • What are the “hot spots” and when and how can you find them?


Internet interactive edition with: 50 Color Photos & Line Drawings; and 110 Internal Links & 145 External Links


Available as a downloadable file for $9.95


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Also available in Paperback.


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100 Ways To Keep Your Lover


We make everything you need to live the good life — a sensual, sexy, romantic life — only a simple click away with this proactive and interactive ebook.

It is proactive in that we encourage you to take positive action to put love, passion and romance at the center of your life together. We have distilled the essence of nurturing relationship, keeping monogamy hot, and sustaining passionate romance into 100 sexy activities you can implement immediately. We tell you exactly what to do. All of these ideas and activities are quite simple. They are imaginative and daring.


Internet interactive edition with: 111 erotic photos and illustrations; 168 hot links; additional exercises; and sections on: ejaculation mastery, freeing female orgasm, health benefits of sex.


Available as a downloadable file for only $2.99!


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Sensual Love Secrets for Couples: The Four Freedoms of Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

Love Secrets

Right this moment, just as you are, you have four unimaginably powerful resources at your command. With them you can accomplish miracles. They are your Four Freedoms of Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul.


Although you are already innately aware of these elemental forces—their strength, dynamism, and wonder—the wise inner voice of your higher self becomes overwhelmed in a world of speed, superficiality, and complexity. Reclaiming your Four Freedoms helps you to hear truth again, to remember who you are and why you are in a body, and to gain emotional stability and courage as well as mental clarity and focused attention.


The inspiring explanations and playful exercises in Sensual Love Secrets teach you how to open to the wonders of your Four Freedoms.


Available as a downloadable file for only $9.95

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The Heart Talk vBook

Heart tAlk

This extraordinary video book will help you rescue your relationship. By following the simple steps of the amazing Heart Talk process you can resolve issues that have been bothering you for years. Get to the heart of the matter and create the loving relationship you long for.


Available as a downloadable file for only $9.95

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Soul Sex: Tantra for Two – Excerpts (FREE)


We offer you free excerpts from our book Soul Sex: Tantra for Two published by New Page Books in March 2003.

Our emphasis in Soul Sex is on ardent monogamous relationship, why it is a spiritual practice, and how through it we can know God and serve the world. Thought-provoking discussions, personal anecdotes and precise but simple techniques inspire readers to apply these concepts in their daily lives. The observations and exercises we include are drawn from our own heady partnership and from the hundreds of couples we have had the privilege to teach at our Tantra sacred sex workshops.


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Guide to Sex Toys (FREE)


Get your PDF file here

There are an amazing variety of sex toys and sexual aids available on the Internet and in sex shops for men and women. We help you understand what they are and how to use them with our illustrated and interactive FREE guide. We cover everything from dildos and vibrators, to fetish and fantasy toys, to hygiene and safety, to anal play and solo sex. Many of the products mentioned in this introductory guide are available online at our Sex Toy Store..

Get your free Guide to Sex Toys HERE.




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eBooks by Other Authors

Gabrielle Moore

Female Orgasm Secrets

Gabrielle Moore has written a number of excellent online books: “Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed”, “Hot Licks”, “Double Her Desire”, “Turn Her On Faster”, “Anal Pleasures For Her”, “Orgasmic Sex Positions”, “Naughty Fingers”, “Erotic Massage For Better Sex” and many others. Her tips and techniques have been published online and off, for example, in “Men’s Fitness Magazine”.