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South of the Border, down Mexico Way…
by Tony Stevens

Florence had become enamored of things Hispanic. The language, the food, the people. So, it was only natural that when she and her business partner Rosie went to San Diego for a conference they availed themselves of the border and went exploring in Mexico.


They timed their arrival for the day before the conference opened, so that they'd have time to register and still head for Tijuana to shop and have dinner. It was an experience, and they both found their thirst for Mexico to be, if anything, sharpened.


The Tuesday schedule appeared to be a drag so they decided to play hookey and drive an hour south of the border to Ensenada.


It was an overcast, humid day following a week of heavy rains. The still air carried with it the memory of that precipitation, and as they walked around the bustling city the unaccustomed humidity caused them to sweat through their Pacific Northwest clothing.


They stopped in a shop to trade their Seattle-weight tops for light weight, sleeveless tank tops more suitable for the tropics.


Rosie went first into the changing room to slip into her new pink top as Florence continued shopping. When Rosie appeared Florence saw that she had ditched not only her top but the stiff, industrial-weight bra that she had watched Rosie slip on that morning in the motel room.


"Time to loosen things up a bit," smiled Rosie as she passed Florence.


In the changing room Florence slipped out of her heavy cotton T shirt and considered her choices. The cotton tank top was light and a little smaller than she would normally have purchased - but it was the biggest they had on the clearance rack. She knew she really shouldn't go without a bra, that her breasts -- still ample despite three kids and middle age -- would stand out like she was wearing nothing at all. On the other hand she didn't want to appear to be chicken by her friend who obviously wasn't prepared to let the effects of a half century of life stop her from showing off her assets.


"Oh hell, there's no one down here that I'll ever see again," she thought to herself as she reached behind her back, unsnapped the bra and dropped it into the shopping bag. She slipped the red tank top over her head and adjusted it as best she could, pulling and tugging and shifting it to cover her chest to the greatest extent possible. The adjustments actually made things a little more obvious: the constant rubbing of the shirt's material across her breasts caused her nipples to swell and harden.


"Don't much look like I did when I was 19," she thought.  "But at least I still react the same way I did then."


Florence stepped out into the store as Rosie turned from a rack of clothes with a smile.


"Atta girl", she said with a smile "I didn't think you'd do it. Let's go see what kind of trouble we can get into."


The two women wound along the coast highway, marveling at the deep blue of the ocean as it rolled onto the beach, driven by the remnants of a warm Pacific storm.


About 20 minutes south of the city Rosie turned down a dirt track toward the beach.


"We've got to take a look at this beach," she said as the car reached the end of the road on a bluff overlooking the sea.


The two women walked down a gently sloping trail, their bare feet digging softly into the sand. In two minutes they stepped around a rock and onto a broad sandy reach, perhaps 200 yards wide, that looked out onto the sea. It was deserted.


They walked along the edge of the water, talking and stopping to skip stones into the surf, until they reached the end of the beach, where a line of rocks jutted down from a headlands to the ocean. Clambering over the rocks they came to a smaller and even more isolated bit of beach, about the size of a basketball court, where the sea was more calm, with the waves broken by a line of rocks.


Sitting down on the sand, the two friends talked about their memories of being at the ocean. Each recalled the wonderful sense of freedom, of oneness with nature they felt around the surf. Florence talked about a special trip she and her husband Steve had taken to the West Coast of Vancouver Island. There, on a long stretch of sand miles from the road they had shed their swim suits and spent a wonderful afternoon frolicking nude in the surf. Florence talked about the wonderful sense of freedom that came when she finally became comfortable shedding her clothing and her inhibitions.


Rosie listened without saying a word, and then stood up, pulled her pink top over her head - freeing her breasts to feel the warm sea air. She reached down and unsnapped her cotton slacks and let them fall to the sand. Kicking her feet free, she pulled down her panties and, without a word, ran naked across the beach and into the surf.


After a few moments of surprise, Florence rose and did the same, joining her friend in the rolling surf, like two innocent children on an afternoon at the beach.


Rosie spotted them first, probably 20 minutes after they'd entered the surf. Two young men, sitting on the rocks not far from their clothing piles, smiling.


Rosie dropped down into the surf to cover her nakedness, yelling at Florence that they had company.


At first Florence dropped into the waist deep water too and like her friend contemplated just what they would do next. A demure and modest walk to their clothing, 80 feet away, was out of the question.


"Got any ideas?," Rosie asked Florence.


"Maybe we could ask them to go away," Florence responded.


"Yeah, right, young studs with a clear view of a couple of naked women. I don't think so."


"Rosie, we're old enough to be their mothers!"


"Yeah," said Rosie, "but we're not their mothers, are we?"


The two women squatted wordlessly in the surf for another minute. The two men suddenly rose and started walking toward the women in the surf.


"What do you remember from your self defense class?" Florence asked Rosie.


"Nothing that exactly deals with this situation," she replied.


"Oh hell," said Florence, rising from the surf and making no attempt to cover herself. Walking directly toward the men without a hint of modesty she smiled and bid them "buenos dias".


"Can we join you?" asked the taller of the two in obvious American English. "You looked like you were having fun."


Speechless, Florence turned back to Rosie, the sea water beading on her pale body and the warm sea breeze stimulating her physical senses.


Before she could respond, the saw the two men moving and realized they were dropping their shirts and shorts onto the beach.


With a hoot, the pair ran into the surf, their tight rear ends moving fluidly as they ran into the water.


Rosie looked at Florence with astonishment as one of the guys dove into the shallow water near her, and rose to splash her with twin handfuls of water. Rosie rose up, her breasts beaded with water and splashed back.


Without conscious thought, Florence trotted back to the water, dove into the shallow surf and began to stalk the second guy. She reached him as he rose from the water with his back to her.


Impulsively, like a teenager, she jumped onto him, her full breasts pressing onto his back as she shoved him down into the surf, landing on his back, her groin snuggled seductively against the crack of his buttocks.


As he rolled over Florence could feel his young erection as it pressed into her hip, and then her thighs. She rolled off him as he reached for her, his hand cupping her breast.


They play wrestled for a moment as Florence looked across the 30 feet separating her from Rosie. Her friend was wrapped around the young man she was with, hugging him tightly and locking her lips onto his mouth.


Florence's guy tackled her around the waist and pushed her down into the surf, both of his hands sliding up to cup her breasts. His erect penis pushed into her rear cleavage, sending a jolt of joy through her body. As she looked up she saw her friend under her guy where the surf met the beach, with Rosie's long legs wrapped around her guy's back.


Florence rolled over, reached down and grabbed her man's penis with both hands. Rising, she led him to dry ground and pulled him down onto the beach where she took his penis in her mouth. Her husband, Steve, always said she gave the best head in the world and she decided to see whether, at age 51, she still had it.


Judging by the reaction of her young man, she did. His long, erect penis filled out, the tip engorged with excitement and passion, as she ran her tongue around the opening at the end of the tip, and sloshed her saliva like a washing machine around its collar. She then ran her mouth up and down on the shaft as his hands found her hair. Her own fingernails dug into his ass as their frenzy increased. She pulled back only when she tasted some pre-cum in her mouth. She pulled herself up his body, sitting astride his erection and pressing his shoulders down onto the sand, her knees digging hard into the sand.


Florence moved her hips up and down with an increasing frenzy as his hands grabbed her buttocks. They rode up and down in unison until he exploded within her…as she exploded down onto him.


She lifted her hands from his shoulders and rode him like a mechanical bucking pony in front of the five and dime, her joy obvious in her smile. She reached down to her own clitoris to pleasure herself as he came and came and came inside her, his erection pushing to the very limits of her vagina.


Finally, spent, she collapsed onto the sand alongside the young man, oblivious to all but her satiated passion and the sound of the surf.


Florence realized that she must have fallen asleep for awhile. The young man and his friend were gone. Rosie was in the surf, washing herself. Florence arose on wobbly legs and walked down to the water to join her friend.


"Can you believe what we just did?" she said as she rinsed herself in the surf.


"No, " said Rosie. "But it was incredible. Have you ever done anything like that?"


"Yeah, when I was a lot younger," said Florence. "Steve always said I had this wild side, that it's something that really turns him on."


"My God, our husbands are going to kill us if they find out."


"Not Steve, said Florence. "We've always been pretty open about this kind of thing. He's had a few flings and encounters and so have I. I don't mind too much because I know it's the one thing he's always honest about. It kind of turns me on that he gets turned on by me telling him what I've done."


"I can't tell Doug," said Rosie. "We don't have that kind of relationship. I don't know what came over me. It was just like a flood came over me, an animal thing. I just wanted that guy, wanted to be wanted by a young, viral guy again. It's kind of tough to be pressing 50."


"Yeah, I know," said Florence. "You know I had a dream a few months ago, one of those insecurity dreams where you're walking through the mall and suddenly realize you're naked. Only problem was nobody was looking at me, nobody cared. I figured that it was because, after 30 years and my husband's illness, our sex life is down to next to nothing, about once a month if we're lucky. I know I figured that I was no longer attractive enough to get a second look even if I walked through Southcenter Mall stark naked."


"Well, these guys certainly noticed today, didn't they," smiled Rosie. "I mean, when they came down that beach toward me all I could think was that I should have asked them if they had a banana in their pocket or if they were glad to see us. Except they didn't have any pants and I knew they were kind of glad to see us." v

"Feeling those strong, hard bodies and that penis just blew my mind," said Florence. "I just wasn't thinking anymore, just purely feeling, sensation, passion. One part of me said I shouldn't but most of me just screamed to do it. I mean, they were here, they were interested, why not push the envelope a little and see whether they'd put their money where their mouths were, so to speak."


"Well," smiled Rosie, as she slipped herself back into her slacks. "I don't know about that but I couldn't help but notice that you certainly were putting your mouth where he was at."


"Steve always says I do that pretty well," said Florence. "I guess I just wanted to see if this guy thought so too."


"Well, from where I was sitting it sure looked like he agreed with your husband," said Rosie.


"You know, I never even got his name," said Florence wistfully.


"Neither did I," said Rosie. "That just adds to the mystery and romance."


"Not bad for a couple of middle aged ladies, I guess," said Florence, struggling back into her shirt.


"Not bad indeed," nodded Rosie. "I even like to think that they won't be quite as satisfied with girls of their own age for awhile."


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