The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Supercharged Kama Sutra

Our modern pillow book Love Guide

by Al Link & Pala Copeland with Photgraphs by Eric Levin

Kama Sutra

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Voted “Idiot’s Guide of the Year – 2007″
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Lovemaking Positions

You’re no idiot, of course. You know the Kama Sutra’s ageless wisdom has enticed couples throughout history to embrace the pleasures of varied positions and foreplay. But there’s more to be gained from this ancient text than simple instructions. . .

The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Supercharged Kama Sutra Illustrated delves deep into the sensual joys and erotic possibilities of intimate lovemaking. In this illustrated Complete Idiot’s Guide®, you get:

  • More than 70 erotic, full-color photographs that illuminate each position.
  • Kissing and massage techniques to enflame desire.
  • Tips on arousing the most sensitive areas.
  • The hottest positions for the ultimate sexual pleasure.


Enjoy yourselves—and each other.

Sex Guide

Create the right ambience with music, light, clothing, and scents.

Stimulate your partner with your hands and mouth.

Select positions that strengthen your sexual intimacy.

Tantalize your partner with positions designed for ultimate pleasure.

Spice up your love with sexy talk.

Turn up the heat with the latest in sex toys.

Keep yourself and your partner aroused—even after achieving orgasm.


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Selected Excerpts from Supercharged Kama Sutra

Chapter 2: That Was Then, This Is Now

The people the Kama Sutra was written for were taught that consciously living a life of sensual pleasure was part of their path to spiritual liberation. How does that compare to modern life, where pleasure, particularly sexual pleasure, is often portrayed as a distraction, an escape, or even a sin? If you follow Vatsyayana’s lead, you’ll come to understand that, contrary to our current social conditioning, supercharged sex is part of a healthy and, yes, moral lifestyle.

Vatsyayana not only explained why sex was essentially good, he also described how to make it better through study and practice. Because it takes two to tango, he emphasized the importance of physically and emotionally matched partners. And, for those who are mismatched in some way, he provided instructions for bringing just about everything into harmonious alignment. Although he wrote so long ago, you’ll find much of his advice astoundingly relevant for today’s lovers.

Sex Is Good

According to the Kama Sutra, sex is very good indeed. It’s essential for survival of the human race, and necessary for health and happiness, at least in certain stages of your life: “pleasures being as necessary for existence and well-being of the body as food, are consequently equally required.” (I-2) As part of Kama, life’s third aim, pleasure, sex, and love can help a soul reach spiritual liberation. Vatsyayana taught that you don’t have to deny the body or escape from the world to achieve ultimate enlightenment; rather you should be fully present and live life to the utmost.


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Chapter 7: In & Out, Up & Down, All Around

Intercourse Position

This is it, the part of the book you’ve been eagerly awaiting: an introduction to those exotic Kama Sutra intercourse positions you’ve heard about. By our count, excluding postures for group sex, the Kama Sutra lists 34 positions that can be used during intercourse. As you’ll see, some are indeed exotic, and others quite plain; some are very distinct poses and others are just subtle variations. When combined with different methods of thrusting, kissing, and caressing, the possible permutations are countless. With a little imagination you can mix and match them into many versions of both basic and complex love dances, as Vatsyayana encouraged you to do. “For these different kinds of congress . . .generate love, friendship, and respect.” (II-6)

Vatsyayana believed that nicely matched lovers are most able to celebrate all the postures of love and would reap great pleasure from just about all of them. But he wanted to make sure that lovers who aren’t quite a natural fit would get the most from their time between the sheets, too. So he took great care to point out positions that will suit lovers of varying genital sizes. We’ll help you learn which ones are right for you.

To ease your exploration, we’ve sorted Vatsyayana’s lovemaking postures into a simple classification that will be intuitively obvious to you. We’ve also expanded on the very brief original description of each posture, adding technique details, benefits, and cautions. So that you’ll have a visual reference to inspire your own experiments, most poses are illustrated with color photographs.


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Chapter 11: Fast and Deep

In lovemaking, you reach those moments when it’s time to turn the passion up to a fever pitch, to flame higher and burn brighter than your daily mind thought possible. Throughout the Kama Sutra, Vatsyayana extolled the power of love that consumes you. And as always, he thoughtfully provided positions that will propel you both into a fiery frenzy. At that intense peak, you become absorbed in a longing to devour each other, to merge your bodies so intensely that they become one.

Helpful as ever, Vatsyayana gave precise instructions for postures that connect your bodies so deeply you’ll erupt in an explosion of utter satiation. In this final chapter on lovemaking positions, you’ll learn those spectacular poses, as well as how to combine them with touches and thrusts that will inflame you even more. . . .

. . . Use these positions when you want to build excitement for both lovers very

  1. Standing Suspended (Sthita)
  2. Standing Supported (Avalambitaka)
  3. The Cow (Dhenuka)
  4. The Deer (Harina)
  5. The Tiger (Vyaghra). . . .

The Cow Sex Position. . . The Cow (Dhenuka):

The Cow is basically a standing, rear-entry position. You bend at the waist, touching your palms to the floor or grasping your ankles. Keep your legs straight or slightly bend your knees, whatever feels most comfortable. Bent over this way, your derriere is proudly presented, with your engorged vulva fully exposed to plunder by your lover. The sight is extremely arousing for him. Standing behind you, he seizes your shoulders or hips and pulls you in for intense penetration. . .




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Readers’ Comments

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Kama Sutra Embraces David E. Maurer October 2010

4.0 out of 5 stars Great conversation piece Not in the weird “take a look at my bookshelf of porn” way, but in an open-minded interesting way. The book is great as a bathroom reader. Gets some good comments and it’s just a racey as playboy.


Sarah Soda July 2009

This book got me knocked up!
This book is magical. If you are the type of person who is considering buying it, buy it. The knowledge and philosophy in this book is invaluable and enlightening. From the first night I read this book I notice my approach changed a little and everything that followed shifted a bit and that’s why this knowledge has been around for 1,000s of years. What I did not know is that my husband and I would be pregnant at 42 after 4 months of trying. I took a series of Pilates classes at the time I was reading this. Highly recommend the combo. The book is pretty visually, it’s super easy to read and I think the theories get as complex as you personally make them to be. It’s fun. If you don’t want this book to get you are your partner pregnant, be fair warned, use protection.


Pamela S. Eveland Ohio USA

Excellent. Very Enjoyable (and Arousing) Reading.

This book is in excellent taste, which helps both to quell any trepidation and to engross the reader in the subject matter. The author explains at the outset that this book is about “supercharged” love making with a very special partner, not just about killer sex. She elaborates on more than one occasion that it is the trust between the two partners and the desire to gratify the other person that makes all the difference.


She does an excellent job of describing positions and techniques (with tasteful photos included) and providing historical notes or informational references where appropriate. She also lets you know when a position is a variation on the Kama Sutra position and why (generally it’s a matter of dexterity).


Even if you figure out you’re not “a complete idiot” and actually know and use many of the positions and techniques, this book is still a wonderful way to “remember” the lovingness of your relationship and that being intimate doesn’t only refer to sexual, or even physical, activity. Although this book describes most of the positions in the Kama Sutra (and the background on each), it is as much a book about being a loving “mate” and a “seductress/seducer” as it is about sexual positions.

I HIGHLY recommend this book!


Gidget Butler (Glasgow, Scotland)

“Lovely book, lots of great information. The authors of this book are apparently experts, and it really shows. The pictures are very helpful, but not overwhelming. The straightforward way the book is written brings the Kama Sutra to the masses. Well written and entertaining.”


Dreamer2008 on . . .

“This book is WONDERFUL! Tasteful pictures. Great bits of advice and techniques. Fun and easy to read and understand. Good way to add some spice and creativity to your love life.”


Ingrid Williams (Jamaica) on . . .

“I found this book to be very nicely done. I loved the way the models’ lower intimate parts were kept discretely out of sight, which made me appreciate the tastefulness of the images even more…no porn here:) I also appreciated the explanations behind the different positions and the fact that the book was simply and honestly written for anyone to understand. Quite helpful for those of us who are not yet married, but still want to have some good ideas for when that special time comes.


Gilbert Fox March 8, 2007 . . .

The legendary Kama Sutra has long intrigued me but my attempts to read it have always proved unenlightening, sometimes dull, and often confusing. In my nearly 50 years, I have also tried reading various books that professed to explain the Kama Sutra for those of us bewildered by it. Those books either over-simplified or added new complexities! But this book — maybe because it’s written for “idiots!” — finally, for me, provides the kind of answers I’ve been craving. First, it is not a fat or heavy book, so I didn’t feel like it would be the equivalent of some sort of academic tome. The chapters are broken down into sensible categories that I understood rather than approached with trepidation. Bottom line: this book is written in a style that’s modern but preserves the ancient wisdom of many of the practices.  I appreciated that because there is so much beauty in the Kama Sutra, and these authors respect that at all times. This book has truly demystified the Kama Sutra for me — and given me information I am eager to try with my wife (who I am encouraging to read it next!). If you have a choice in Kama Sutra books, absolutely choose this one. It is comprehensive but not overwhelming, clear concise, beautiful, and never condescending.


R. B. Corman (Canada), B.A., M.Div., D.Min., freelance writer and editor,
February 25, 2007, writes….

Not a translation but a cultural transposition, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Supercharged Kama Sutra is the best achievement I’ve seen in appropriating the insights of this ancient, aristocratic sexual manual for the needs and interests of contemporary Western readers. Link and Copeland’s Kama Sutra unpacks the significance of the traditional work and its terminology, complemented with outstanding photo illustrations of a loving, sensual couple. In addition to the usual “Idiot’s Guide” summaries of key information, the sidebars (“Love Bites”) comprise witty, entertaining, and value-added insight. An inspiring, wonderful treasury!


Louis Lafrance (Quebec, Canada) on February 26, 2007….

Everything for the eyes and mind. Very nice book, supercharged with very nice color photos that show it all. This is actually a guide to all of sexuality that goes much farther than the Kama Sutra love positions. It takes you all through the field of sexuality (versus Kama-Sutra) taking you by the hand (like if you were an idiot – most of us still are anyway in that matter) and showing you from A to Z how a real sexual life is to be lived without inhibitions for your greatest benefit. Although this book is aimed at the practice of the love positions, it is also well documented by interesting theoric facts and grounded in the Indian Eastern philosophy – introduction is very interesting in that regard. Well written and beautifully illustrated. All-star book !


J.R.R.Abrahão (aka) “Mad Abe” “jrra” (São Paulo, Brazil), Author,
February 5, 2007, writes….

This is THE BOOK for me!!! Yeah! At last I found a book that is perfect for me. It fits like a glove… Yes, I AM A COMPLETE IDIOT when tenderly, sex with love, the REAL Kama Sutra are the name of the game. I’m a man of war, not a man of peace; I’m a warrior, not a lover, and this way of life, earning a life fightin’ other men wars, devastated my relationships. After all that time I know I’m a complete idiot, a fool. But, hey, even an idiot like me can change his mind, only if I could know how…

And now I KNOW! It is ALL inside this fine book, fun to read and very readable. All that wrong things I’ve done in the past (that I didn’t knew’re wrong) are forever locked in the past. Well, alt. I’m not young anymore, I’m sure now I can get a good, intense, kind marriage like I never experienced, and all that thanks to this GREAT book. What are you waiting for? Order it now, and start reading it and found how better your life can be!


Harish Ramachandran on . . .

“This is a wonderful book I have ever read. It explains in detail about each pose. It also details minute information which lot of us might not know. If you haven’t read this book you are really missing the intricacies of sex.”


M. Castillo on . . .

“This book is absolutely awesome. I am only a couple of chapters into it as now, but I can tell it’s great. I leafed through it and I looked at the pictures. The photos are tasteful, and the couple is nice looking. There’s a lot of stuff in it that I didn’t know, so I know that I will be learning a thing or two from it. From all the Kama Sutra books, this one I think is the best. Years ago I tried to read the Danielou version (the complete one), but come on, who can read that one? This one cuts to the chase and in addition offers little ‘nuggets’ of information about Indian society and their culture. I absolutely recommend it!”


Raymelle Moody on….

THIS IS A GREAT BOOK! I am going to buy a copy for all my married girlfriends next Christmas! The photos are very sweet and not raunchy. The text is so easy to read and understand. Try it you’ll love it!


K. Saunders on….

“This is a good book with a lot of details and instructions. I bought it for some new ideas. There are some, but most of the positions I have already done. Definitely a must buy for those looking to spice things up. My husband enjoyed looking at it with me ;)”


C. B. Gurney on….

This is a well written guide that stays true to the original Kama Sutra while delivering its wisdom in easy-to-understand prose. The writing is clear and humorous, the photos and illustrations are explicit but tasteful, and the book is well organized. This is a quality book, and I would recommend it as an excellent guide for beginners or even moderately experienced lovers who want to broaden their love lives.


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