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Burn After Reading
As featured in the 2008 blockbuster movie Burn After Reading, directed by Joel and Ethan Cohen (No Country for Old Men), starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt

Liberator ® Shapes
are the modern day Kama Sutra. They will make everyday positions better and your fantasy sexual positions a reality. With this new comfort comes longer-lasting sex, more intense sex. That’s why they’re for everyone, from familiar long-time sex partners to tantric chandelier – swingers. They’re for anyone who wants to try something truly unique, besides the same old sex toy.

  • Try them separately, or stack them together, on the bed or on the floor.
  • They are covered in soft machine washable microfiber velvet that’s built to last.
  • Underneath is another play surface – soft, silky nylon. This slippery water-resistant
    cover doubles your ways to play.
  • Inside is the high density industrial strength urethane core, engineered to support
    hundreds of pounds in motion comfortably.
  • With every purchase of our wedge, ramp, cube or stage you receive:
    • - 44-page full-color Sex Position Guide
    • - Nylon Gear Bag to keep your shapes dust-free and discreetly stored.

Don’t forget to check out the fabulous accessories to go with your Liberator Shapes.

We Especially Recommend the FascinatorThroes

These 5’ by 6’ blankets are made with lusciously soft micro-fiber on one side and a silky satin on the other side, and lined with a nylon waterproof barrier in the middle. This will protect your furniture and bedding, keeping them spotless. Massage oils, lubricants, Champagne, “kama salila” (juices of love), or almost anything else you get on these blankets easily comes out in your washing machine, and the blankets just get softer the more you use them.


More about Liberator® Shapes and how to order them.



Liberator® has impressed the most famous and toughest sexpert on TV! For the first time ever, Sue Johanson gave out a perfect rating of “four briquettes”. “This is a wonderful sex toy!” Sue Johanson, Oxygen Channel, “Talk Sex With Sue” “There are three basic forms: The Wedge™, the Ramp™ , the Stage™ and the Cube™. Each shape can be mixed and matched to suit your particular needs. It’s only a matter of time before you unlock the kind of sexual mysteries depicted on ancient Hindu temples.” Men’s Fitness Magazine, May 2003



Check out the features of each great shape:

Wedge™Ramp™ Flip Ramp™









Black Label™ – with cuffs and tethers



Liberator Escape—all terrain sex

LiberatorChristen every square foot of your home with Escape, the world’s only moisture-proof sex pad sized for two. Hard surfaces are no longer obstacles to  your sexual adventures. Add some floor work to your foreplay.Be very spontaneous in the basement, by the pool, on the balcony. Perfect for folks with hardwood floors. Covered in a luxurious microfiber, Escape grips tight to your other shapes. On the bottom is durable nylon for excursions into the rugged outdoors. Make love under the stars. Cover slips off for machine washing, so use your lubes and liquids or douse yourselves in champagne. Stores easily under your bed.



View 6 Sexual Intercourse Positions with the Wedge: Wedge Positions

No flat pillow can lift and tilt you towards her G-spot and beyond. Wedge™ is surprisingly comfortable and won’t flatten or stain. Offers deeper penetrations, increased access and surprising new sensations. It’s a great “booster” for oral sex too! If you can only own one Shape – this is it!


Regular Size 24” wide x 7” tall x 14” long Plus Size 30” wide X 7” tall x 14” long


Can the Liberator™ Shapes Aid In Achieving Female Ejaculation?

“Yes, allowing a woman to angle her pelvis upward by using such forms as the wedge, ramp and others, enables her lover better access to her g-spot. The g-spot is created from the Paraurethral glands behind the vaginal wall and is filled with the prostate-like fluid that women sometimes ejaculate when having an orgasm (in addition to the vaginal discharge that is usually produced). By allowing the g-spot to be angled upward and more readily accessible, more pressure can easily be applied to the g-spot.

Even though female ejaculation is not necessarily achieved through a g-spot orgasm, (it can be achieved through clitoral and other orgasms as well) stimulation of the g-spot increases production of the ejaculate within the Paraurethral glands and increases the likelihood of a woman being able to push it out during an orgasm. This, as well as other techniques increase the chances of a female ejaculating as much as two cups of the prostate-like fluid. I highly recommend the them to all of my customers for this and other sexual advantages.”

Lisa Lawless, RM, and author of The Art of Female Ejaculation.


More about the Wedge and how to order it.



View 15 Sexual Intercourse Positions with the Ramp: Ramp Positions

George Clooney and the Ramp George Clooney and the Ramp™ in Burn After Reading.

Our Ramp™ offers an endless variety of positions. No wonder it’s our best seller.
It supports you under hips, under knees, on the bed or on the floor.
The intense angle of the Ramp™ is wild enough on it’s own, or stack it and straddle on
the Stage for a steep, deep slope elevated for “standing sex”.






Available Regular and Oversize

24”-30” wide x 12”-18” high x 34”-40” long

Note: Our tall Ramp™ (2″ higher) is not only great for taller lovers but for those “average folks” who just want a more extreme angle. A few inches can make all the difference, especially if you enjoy using your Ramp™ on the floor.

Our Ramp™ can change how you touch, see and feel your lover. With your hands free and with near weightless support, you’ll both experiment, orgasm and play like never before. Firm but supportive and sensual, wild but non-threatening, the Ramp enhances every kind of intimacy. Grips magically to our other Shapes for standing and/or straddling fun.

“…an enthusiastic two legs up!” Playboy Magazine, March 2003


More about the Ramp and how to order it.>


Flip Ramp

Liberator Flip-Ramp™ can accommodate all sorts of interesting bottoms. As a rocking “boom-box” it turns the simplest insertions into an electrified climax as it accentuates the motion of every thrust. As form follows function and inspired explorations unfold, the Flip-Ramp™ becomes an inclined ramp that offers good head without the sore neck. Follow with impromptu doggy and a myriad of other favorite positions, as this foam support encourages amazing sex and play. Offered in microfiber, the Flip-Ramp™ is also disguised as a contemporary stylish ottoman that will surely become the best seat in the house. Microfiber covers zip-off for easy machine washing.


Ramp dimensions: 38″ x 19″ x 11″.  Cube dimensions: 19″ x 19″ x 14.5″



More about the Flip Ramp and how to order it.



Nothing can compare. The rocking, bouncing Cube™ introduces new rhythms, new positions, new wow! During standing sex – let her control the movement, pacing and thrusting while she’s riding high or straddling over you. Plus it’s machine washable, so enjoy the intimacy and novelty of seated sex without worrying about the cleanup. You have to try this, you’ll just love getting cubed!

What if your ottoman rocked back and forth? What if it was unbelievably soft and at the same time strong enough to support you in positions you’ve only dreamed about? What if you could unzip its velvety soft cover and throw it in the washing machine? Introducing the Cube™, the first Shape to change not only the angles and elevations of your lovemaking, but the rhythms and motions. Gently rocking, intimately swinging sensations. Stand it alone, bend over it, or kneel it bedside. The Cube™ will soon become the best seat in the house.



More about the Cube and how to order it.



The remarkable Stage™ completes your adult playground. Now sex on location is a playful, comfortable reality. Elevate your positions with the Wedge and Ramp to enjoy incredible lovemaking while standing, straddling or squatting. No squeaks, no headboard, just fun. Amazing covers grip on contact and zip right off for easy washing.

Stackable, straddle-able Stage™ is hot on its own or paired with other Shapes. It’s extra cushiony lift allows your legs some crucial leverage, reducing strain while deepening penetration. The Stage™ even creates wild off-the-bed possibilities. Stacked with the Wedge or Ramp, the Stage offers all the thrusting power that only standing can offer.


Regular and Oversize 24”-30” wide x 9” high x 48”-58” long


More about the Stage and how to order it.



Seduction begins with ESSE. It’s the ultimate in orgasm, perfection in positioning, a luxury love-craft with killer curves and serious style. It inspires desires and offers endless opportunities in sexploration. Stretch our, straddle or just have a seat, because ESSE doubles as a chaise lounge.



More about Esse and how to order it.


Black Label Liberator® Shapes™ With Cuffs, Tethers and Blindfold


You don’t have to be an extremist to love Black Label™. Many couples are a little (or a lot) curious about playful light bondage. So why haven’t you tried it? Never had the right headboard? Never could quite persuade your lover? Our new Liberator® Black Label Shapes™ can change all that, and open up a forbidden new world of sensual experimentation. Since Black Label™ uses your own body weight to secure you; you can spontaneously click down anywhere, any time.



More about Black Label  Wedge; Black Label Ramp;  Black Label Stage; Black Label Esse and how to order them.


kama sutra


What the sexperts say!

Get the BUZZ. Absolutely everyone that’s cool isgetting Liberator® Shapes. See who’s leading the way and what everyone is talking about, including sexologists, sex counselors, in the movies, magazines and the press.

“There’s the Wedge™ (the best pick if you purchase only one pillow), which facilitates the pelvic lift for thrusting and angling into the woman’s magical G-spot.

The larger Ramp™ allows draping and straddling for deeper penetration in positions like ‘puppy love’ or reclining for the ‘heart to heart’ (a favorite of mine), in which you press hearts together to pour love through. The Stage™ provides a platform for close encounters, while the Cube™ is even higher (and really rocks)—perfect for lap dancing by the fire, doing the backstroke in the bathroom, or rocking on a boat’s bow. Mix and match the geometrics, like placing the Wedge™ on the Ramp to accomplish an awesome position I’ve touted in my book Generation Sex, a coupling that people marvel over, in which groins interlocked by scissor l ike thighs lift high in the air. (You gotta see it to believe it!) ‘These Ramp on the bed.’

Says Gary: ‘Charlene and I love movie-style sex, but we’ve never had so much fun as when she hops on the Cube™ and I can go from back to side, high or low, as we look at each other from all-new angles. She never felt so tight nor me so big. And with my hands free I can reach her butt, breasts, or clitoris to drive her wild and time our orgasms together.”

Dr. Judy Kuriansky, Penthouse Magazine, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tantric Sex, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship, and Generation Sex.


“…one of the most significant breakthroughs in sexual health I’ve seen recently.” Dr. Daniel Stein, The Foundation for Intimacy, Tampa Florida, and author of Passionate Sex


“Liberator® Shapes™ are a great idea.” Louanne Cole Weston, Ph.D., from WebMD


“These specially designed cushions enable virtually all couples of all ages, size and physical condition to enjoy traditional as well as new positions never before attainable, so easy and fun. It’s a whole new way to make love!”

Thrust Magazine, November 17, 2003
“…velvety smooth, contoured cushions designed to prop you into explosive new sex positions! Supportive and soft, these angled inventions are designed to help ease you into unheard-of-positions, for more intimate sexual access and even hotter bedroom action. Creating your very own X-rated romper room will be a snap—and you just might reach new heights of orgasmic bliss!” L.B., Women’s Own Magazine


“… your partner can stimulate you from new angles, this may cause him to hit your ‘G-Spot’ or other areas that you have never felt before. Liberator® Shapes™ also enable you both to be hands free so that his hands can stimulate other parts of your body at the same time that he is inside you.”

Dr. Robyn DeVal, LMFT Marriage and Family Therapist and Sex Therapist, Host of the Dr.
Robyn Show


“. . .a must for any cunnilingus student, connoisseur or guru. Let’s face it. For a woman, receiving oral sex can feel pretty good in almost any position, but some positions are better than others; some are more comfortable, some stimulate the clitoris better, and some actually help her to feel less inhibited. And that’s what you want whether you are a woman or her lover.

So here’s the revolution: with the help of Liberator, a woman can feel comfortable and relaxed so that she can surrender herself to her lover’s mouth and tongue. She’ll be especially eager to try Liberator if she knows she’s going to be the focus of her lover’s attention.

Whether you are a cunnilingus novice, amateur or expert, Liberator can help you to achieve a memorable oral experience, which in turn will be a sure way to maintain excitement in your relationship.”

Ava Cadell, Ph.D., Ed.D., clinical sexologist and sex counselor, and author of The Idiot’s Guide to Oral Sex.


“… give you the ability to be more expressive and creative in your lovemaking. They can be used anywhere and I recommend them to those who need more support or simply wish to spice things up. Finally, people of all shapes, sizes and conditions can enjoy sex in the way it was intended to be experienced.”

Stephanie Mitelman, B.A., FLE, Certified Sexuality Educator


“For couples with a sizeable height difference, the shapes help even out angles, reducefatigue and strain, and eliminate back pain.”

Men’s Fitness Magazine, May 2003


“People of size need support, in more ways than one. Liberator® Shapes™ offer comfortable positioning for those who are heavier. The inner core provides support, yet it is soft and helps eliminate position fatigue. The cover keeps them in place and stays soft after multiple washings. For anyone who has had difficulty achieving the proper angle for a favorite position, they may be just what is needed. No more shifting pillows. No sudden crashing to the bed during lovemaking when support flattens out. For people of size who want extra support, they’re a good choice.”

Leigh Lang, Web Mistress,


“…the man of today is challenged to go the distance in the bedroom as well as on the outdoor trail. But if you and your lover are not as fit as world-class athletes, if bad knees crimp your staying power or mattress monotony dulls your loving, jazz things us with…foam-filled futonlike pillows that enable new angles, positions, and motions in sex play. Liberator Shapes stack naturally on your bed, and are easily portable to any location inside—or outside—your pad for inspired moments of passion.”

Dr. Judy Kuriansky, Penthouse Magazine, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tantric Sex, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship, and Generation Sex.


“…one of the best sex aids I have seen to date! I Personally recommend them to not only our customers but also to friends and family.”

Lisa Lawless, RM, and author of The Art of Female Ejaculation.


“You’d be amazed by the difference (Shapes) make, he’ll feel bigger and she’ll look hotter…” Stun Magazine



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