Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews on Tantra, Sex, Relationships with Al and Pala

We’ve had the great pleasure and privilege of participating in radio interviews with some terrific hosts on a wide range of  fantastic shows. View the full list of our air-wave conversations. Below are a number of those interviews for your listening pleasure and to add to your knowledge of sacred sexuality, relationships, and the Kama Sutra. Enjoy!

If you have any questions or comments arising from the material you hear, please

. We’d love to hear from you.

From Wisdom Today with Scott Cluthe and Claire Pappin

  1. Making Your Relationship The Most Important ThingListen in MP3 format
  2. All About TantraListen in MP3 format
  3. Ejaculation Mastery and Male Multiple OrgasmsListen in MP3 format
  4. Freeing the Female OrgasmListen in MP3 format

From 2 Souls Connect with host Laurie Huston

  1. Tantra – Relationship as Spiritual PracticeListen in MP3 format
  2. Supercharged Kama Sutra, plus, Sensual Love Secrets for CouplesListen in MP3 format

Visit Laurie’s website:

From Blogtalkradio’s Womanly Insights with Luanna Pierce

  1. July 19, 2007 – New Books by Al and PalaListen in MP3 format
  2. October 11, 2007  – Tantra for SinglesListen in MP3 format
  3. October 18, 2007 – Hot MonogamyListen in MP3 format
  4. November 1, 2007 – Becoming Fit for Relationship – Part I – Commitment, Responsibility and Happiness – Are You Tough Enough For Love?Listen in MP3 format
  5. November 15, 2007 – Becoming Fit for Relationship – Part II – Opening Your Heart and Keeping it Open, The Heart TalkListen in MP3 format
  6. November 22, 2007 – Becoming Fit for Relationship – Part III – Loving Means LearningListenin MP3 format
  7. December 6, 2007 – Reuniting Heaven and Earth – Sex and SpiritListen in MP3 format
  8. December 13, 2007 – Friction Sex, Energy Sex, Soul SexListen in MP3 format
  9. January 10, 2008 – The 9 Steps of Tantric Sex – How to Make Love for Hours!Listen in MP3 format
  10. January 17 – Sexual Mastery for MenListen in MP3 format
  11. January 24, 2008 – Sexual Awakening for WomenListen in MP3 format

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