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Superior quality learning materials developed for you with knowledge, skill and caring by Al Link and Pala Copeland.

We know you’re interested in improving your love life, your sex life, and your spiritual life and it’s our delight to help you do so. Because everyone has different styles of learning we’ve created tools for transformation in a variety of formats. They’re sure to please as well as inform you. If you’re more traditional, and want the feel of something solid in your hands, we’ve written some terrific books that are aching for you to hold them. If you’re hooked on computers and love to learn electronically, we’ve got a selection of ebooks and vbooks that you can relate to on just about any device — desktop or a variety of portables. If you love to have sweet nothings whispered in your ears, tune your headset to our aurally inspiring audiobooks. If videos inspire you, our DVDs will make your eyes pop and your mind whirl. And, if you want a musical as well as meditative inspiration, our Tantra CD is the perfect stimulus.



Video Home Study Courses

Watch and learn at your own pace, in comfort and privacy, with our powerful sex instruction video courses on DVD.

These beautifully shot videos give down to earth, easy to understand lessons for singles and couples. Learn about the art of Tantric lovemaking, explore the delights of Kama Sutra sex, discover how to female ejaculate, and get no-nonsense info on sex toys and how to play with them.


Learn about Squirting and Sex Toys

Female Ejaculation DVD and Women & Sex Toys DVD


The Tantra and Kama Sutra DVD courses provide a complete learning curriculum, including illustrated ebook learning manuals with the videos.


Tantra Sex Home Study Course

Tantra Sex Step By Step Course

Kama Sutra Home Study Course

Kama Sutra Home Study Course



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Three of our electronic books have been produced as audiobooks in MP3 format. Learn all about love, sex and romance by listening on your iPod, your car or home stereo. More info and order details. Listen to excerpts.

100 WaysWomens OrgasmsEjaculation Mastery


Sexy EBooks

Electronic books make it easy for you to learn about loving. We’re delighted to present you with these eight stellar examples.

eBooks by Al & Pala: Kama Sutra, Tantric & Taoist Sexuality, Relationships

Interactive, Extensively illustrated, Bonus Exercises

Available as Downloadable files


100 Ways To Keep Your Lover


Awakening Women's Orgasm

Liberator Shapes and Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra Positions & Liberator Shapes®

Kama Sutra Super Sex

Kama Sutra Super Sex

Sensual Love Secrets

Sensual Love Secrets for Couples


Tantra & Kama Sutra Sex Positions

தமிழிலும் கிடைக்கும்

Tantra Step By Step

Tantra Sex Step By Step

Ejaculation Control

Voluntary Ejaculation and Male Multiple Orgasm

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Relationship Videobook

The Heart Talk vBook

Heart Talk video

The Heart Talk, presented in this electronic video book, is an amazing communication tool that helps you resolve relationship issues. With it you can create the loving relationship you long for.
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New – September 2015: Erotic Poetry and Art Book

Frictions Sex, Energy Sex, Soul Sex

Erotic Art and PoetrySexual passion and spiritual love find expression in this collection of erotic poetry and watercolor paintings. Written by Pala and Al to each other over a period of 15 years these words of love and desire capture the evolution of their relationship from lust to soul expansion.

Whether you display it on your coffee table or your bedside stand, you’ll find Friction Sex, Energy Sex, Soul Sex arousing and inspiring; a call to awaken your own passion and to journey through the delights that sexuality and spirituality combined can bring.

Available in Paperback and Kindle editions – Order your copy now:
Paperback EditionKindle Edition

Or, read excerpts of the delicious poetry and view examples of the exotic art.


Self-help Books

As a man and woman very much in love and on a path of sexual/spiritual awakening, we are enormously grateful to have published four books dealing with sex, spirit, and creating love for a lifetime. They are:

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Supercharged Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra Our modern take on this ancient love classic gives you all the amazing sexual techniques that have supercharged the sex lives of men and women for thousands of years. Learn how to tease, kiss, and caress your way to the apex of arousal. Discover intercourse positions that will thrill and satisfy you, whether you’re fairly shy or wildly abandoned. Master thrusting rhythms that give you both the satisfaction you crave. Lavishly illustrated with full-color photos, this Kama Sutra manual is easy to understand and put into practice. You’ll love it and each other!

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Sensual Love Secrets for Couples: The Four Freedoms of Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

Love Secrets“Right this moment, just as you are, you have four unimaginably powerful resources at your command.

With them you can accomplish miracles. They are your Four Freedoms of Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul.

Sensual Love Secrets gives you the keys to regaining those freedoms. Playful, powerful exercises, on your own and with your partner, help you open to all you can be and teach you how to create the relationship you long for. Explore your physical senses, establish trust, cultivate emotional intimacy, build spiritual bonds and discover the incredible experience that can only be called sacred sex.

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Also available as a downloadable eBook


Soul Sex: Tantra for Two

Tantric LoversSoul Sex explores Tantric sexuality from the perspective of a committed, monogamous relationship. It shows how you can utilize your relationship as a spiritual path to awakening through the glories of Tantra. When you learn to love another fully, you can learn to love the world. Illustrated with line drawings and black and white photos of Tantric lovers, Soul Sex will kindle your passion for each other and for life.

Rated: “!!!! Exceptional” by Today’s Books, who ranked it in the top 10 percent of all books published in the USA in 2003.


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28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples: Tantra Step By Step

28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples

28 Days to Ecstasy shows you that Tantra is a practical approach to intimacy that can have a profound impact on your life, without requiring a great deal of extra time. It contains a 28 day plan with concise instructions for simple, fun to do activities that will strengthen your relationship and intensify your sexual/spiritual connection. The exercises are quite short—on average you’ll spend no more than 20 minutes per day on your sacred loving practice—less time than you may spend watching a TV sitcom or the evening news. Once per week there are longer lovemaking periods in which you reap great delights from the skills you’ve been learning. By the end of the 28 days you’ll have changed your life.

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Awakening Women’s Orgasm: A Guide for Women and their Lovers

Orgasm Guide for Women

Women have a capacity for orgasm that is truly awesome. It is a power of pleasure that ranges from sweet to sublime to superlative and it is one that almost every woman can unleash. You simply need to learn a few new things and unlearn a few old ones.

In this Book you will learn about the many different types of orgasm a woman’s body is waiting to give her. You will understand that sex is more than physical, it is also an emotional and energetic experience.

Learn how to become sex positive in a sex negative world; how to free yourself from sexual stereotyping; and how to love your body so that she will give you great pleasure. Exercises for mind, heart and body help women open up to their sexual selves, on their own and with their partners. There are also explicit tips for lovers on how to make love to a woman really, really well!

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Ejaculation Mastery: Voluntary Ejaculation and Male Multiple Orgasms

Ejaculation Guide for Men

Learn the secrets of sexual masters! One of the best-kept secrets of our time is that men (not just women) can be multi-orgasmic. Not only can a man have several orgasms during one session of lovemaking, but also he can do it and still have lots of energy and desire.

The key is learning to separate orgasm from ejaculation. Because ejaculation follows orgasm so closely (within a split second) most people think they are one and the same, but they are two distinct phenomena. With the simple techniques explained in this book, you can learn to master your ejaculation response, so that you ejaculate when you want to. Find out how to experience the pleasure of orgasm without the accompanying let-down that follows ejaculation.

Precise, detailed instructions teach you to master your ejaculation response and learn to have multiple orgasms. The techniques taught in this book will also solve, for the vast majority of men, the two most serious, frustrating and embarrassing sexual problems: premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

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Meditation CDs

Apertio - Energy Meditation CD

Energy Meditation CD – APERTIO

Pala Copeland guides you through Energy Meditations set to the mystical music of Jeff Davies.

Learn to feel your energy body – calm it, balance it, play with it – join it with your beloved.

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