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Tantric Sex DVD

A Complete Learning Curriculum from Al Link & Pala Copeland

Includes: DVD Video Course and eBook

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Ecstasy for Two! Tantric sex, the art of sacred loving, elevates your sexuality beyond the physical. This ancient practice of uniting sex and spirit is especially relevant for modern lovers who long for deeper connection and greater pleasure.


While you can spend many years exploring Tantra’s depths you can also realize some of its intense benefits in a very short time, which is particularly appealing to lovers caught in the hectic pace of life today. This video home study course is designed for lovers who are very busy. It shows you that Tantra is a practical approach to intimacy that can have a profound impact on your life, without requiring a great deal of extra time.


You get a detailed 28 day plan in both video and ebook format with step by step instructions for simple, fun to do activities that will strengthen your relationship and intensify your sexual/spiritual connection. The difference in your lovemaking and in your relationship will be no less than astonishing and awesome. The first step of your journey begins when you click to purchase our one-of-a-kind Tantra home study course.


lovemaking course


Tantra Teachers

Pala and Al Your Tantra Teachers

This course is not just a collection of radio or TV interviews; it is a complete learning curriculum developed over the past 20 years of our personal Tantric and Taoist sacred sex practice, and tested with hundreds of couples over the past 10 years in our live Tantra retreats. We have been personally using these methods since 1987 and teaching them to others since 1997! We walk the talk.


Even if you know nothing about sacred sex, we will lead you gently, step by step from the beginning all the way to ecstasy.


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Home Study Preview

This short video clip gives you a visual introduction to our Tantra Home Study Course

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Tantra Home Study Course Outline


We not only know what you need to learn (a body of knowledge and a set of skills), we also understand how learning takes place. We have structured this course to give you every possible learning advantage.

spiritual lovemaking

We wish someone had done this for us all those many years ago when we were just starting our Tantric journey together.


On its own, the video gives you the full range of Tantric practices for each day’s activities. It’s fun to watch and easy to do. If you are seeking deeper learning, the eBook is your ideal guide. Identifying Learning Outcomes, asking Review Questions and getting you to reflect on your personal learning experience through our Questions for Reflection will dramatically increase your learning effectiveness, and significantly speed your progress.


The exercises are quite short, on average you’ll spend no more than 20 minutes per day on your sacred loving practice—less time than a TV sitcom or the evening news. Once per week there are longer lovemaking periods in which you reap great delights from the skills you’ve been learning.


You’ll feel your love deepening daily and your sexual desire rising along with it.

A New Lesson in Love Each Day!

Week One

Tantric sex

Loving Body Discovery

  • Day 1 You’ll learn how to stay grounded and to melt each other with looks of love.
  • Day 2 teaches you about your Love Muscles and how to get them into tip-top shape for sexual fitness and sensual pleasure.
  • Day 3 illustrates how to use conscious breath for connection and focus.
  • Day 4 shows how breathing in harmony with your partner makes you as one.
  • Day 5 discover that breathing and PC squeezing together bring health benefits, move sexual energy, and make you feel totally alive.
  • Day 6 find out how to breathe in a circular pattern for excitement and arousal.
  • Day 7 In this your first extended lovers’ time, you’ll learn the delights of “no goal lovemaking” with the Loving Body Discovery.
Relationship CourseCouples Tantra

Week Two

Sacred Bathing

  • Day 8 discover how to get out of your busy head and into your supercharged body with the Body Scan.
  • Day 9 Your feet are mirrors of your entire organism, feel good all over with today’s Foot Massage extraordinaire.
  • Day 10 discover your innate Tantric ability to isolate and contract one muscle at a time while you breathe in relaxed connected awareness.
  • Day 11 Back rubs help you let go of all sorts of tension. Relax and revive under the magic of your lover’s touch.
  • Day 12 circular breathing and PC pumping in union add deeper connections physically and energetically
  • Day 13 focuses on sending your love, adoration, respect, and sexy energy through the power of Tender Touch.
  • Day 14 experience the power of sacred ceremony and the pleasures that come with extended phases of excitement.


Relationship Course


Sex Techniques

Build to Peaks

Week Three

  • Day 15 you’ll explore the power of sound and how it can help you move your sexual energy.
  • Day 16 pelvic Rocking helps keep your hips, back and pelvis loose. You’ll feel added sensation and move energy more easily.
  • Day 17 you’re gaining more skill as the days go by, co-ordinate your breathing, PC Pumping, and visualization. It will help you on your road to bliss.
  • Day 18 see that golden energy move — feel it flooding through you.
  • Day 19 spice up your pelvic rocking; match your rhythms as you rock, breathe, squeeze and push the energy up. Ooh la la!
  • Day 20 rock, breathe, visualize, chant. You’ll be amazed what these new skills will add to your lovemaking experience. You’ll find out tomorrow in your next Lovers’ Time.
  • Day 21 Today you’ll discover the awesome thrills of building to peaks of arousal and then moving your hot sexual energy up through your system.


Tantric Sex Video


Sex Techniques

YabYum Position

Week Four

  • Day 22 “practice makes perfect” — keep on rocking that pelvis, with your partner, with your breath. Focus on directing that energy to move, and feeling it!
  • Day 23 you’ll learn about our favorite Tantric sex position, the YabYum, and how to circulate your energy in it.
  • Day 24 It takes some getting used to, learning to focus and move your energy up while you are in the throes of passion. That energy wants to escape, but with your repetions in these practice sessions you’ll bring that mastery to your actual lovemaking.
  • Day 25 As you are practicing your connection through the YabYum and through your breath and body movement, it’s important to remember to focus on your emotional connection as well. Your heart is just as important as your mind and body.
  • Day 26 by now it should be easier for you to rock and breathe together. Aren’t you having an extraordinary time?
  • Day 27 your last practice day before the grand finale Lover’s Time tomorrow. Relax and enjoy your practice!
  • Day 28 Today you’ll bring all the wonderful practices you’ve learned into your lovemaking for an ecstatic connection you’ve only dreamed of.


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Tantra Home Study Course eBook


Sample Pages


Even the busiest couples can experience bliss in less than a month

Experience dramatic results like these in your lovemaking and in your relationship

  • Unlock the secrets of Tantric sex – the key to prolonged, mind-blowing orgasms
  • Free the female orgasm, and bring your partner to new heights of ecstasy
  • Master ejaculation and climax when you’re BOTH ready
  • Keep your partner dancing on the edge of bliss for as long as you desire
  • Master the sexual energy exercise that gives you stamina for long lovemaking sessions
  • Use the power of conscious breath to help you ride the wave of ecstasy
  • Connect heart to heart and soul to soul


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Comments about our Tantra Home Study Course

Tantra sex course


Couples who have completed the Tantra Step By Step Program run the full range of experience in sacred sex, from complete novices to Tantric sex instructors. The course deeply affected each and every one of them, just as it will touch your lives.


“You have created a beautifully detailed, thoroughly thought out guide to ecstasy that will change people’s lives forever.”


“Excellent work! We feel this is what committed couples need to keep the passion alive in their relationship.”


“What a delightful way to rediscover each other—so fresh, so natural, so loving, and no pressure!”


“The ‘loving eye gazing’ was quite an emotional experience for us. As we cried we paused and hugged, and once the intensity of the moment subsided we continued on.”


“I am finally orgasmic with my partner—yahoo!”


“I have noticed that I am much calmer and looking forward to love making, it has become more important in my life.”


“We found our lives slowly getting a little better in everything we do, being work, family or sex.”


“The simplicity of it all is amazing, the instructions easy to follow, and each day we looked forward to learning new exercises with anticipation.”


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